About Me:

I am a 4th year biomedical engineering student at UBC. My interests inlclude, but are not limited to: Regenerative medicine, synthetic biology, videogames, hiking and playing the guitar. Feel free to explore my experiences below!


Tri-Scope: A Low Cost 3D Printed Microscope

Developed this design as part of a design course, to address the issue of microscope shortages in low to middle income countries.

Cell Lab Experiment Design Project

Designed and executed an experiment to understand the relationship between myocyte morphology and calcium chloride concentration, as part of a synthetic biology course.

Characterization of Breast Invaisive Carcinoma

Used machine learning methods to characterize differences between cases of breast invaisive carcinoma to better understand the pathways that lead to cancer, as part of a bioinformatics cousre.


TA, Introduction to Bioinformatics UBC, Canada September 2022 - Present

  • Teach machine learning and bioninformatics concepts to students.
  • Evaluate student work.

TA, Software Construction I UBC, Canada September 2021 - December 2021

  • Coordinated and organized office hours for students to clarify topics in object oriented programming. Was met with strong positive feedback from students and a high student return rate.
  • Carefully analyzed student coding projects to assign grades and provide constructive feedback on their programming, style and specifications. Following feedback, my assigned student groups’ project grades increased an average of 39% over the course of the semester.

Instructor, Geering UP UBC UBC, Canada January 2020 - April 2021

  • Communicated with co-instructor and curriculum manager to create a fun, engaging and inspiring STEM experience for campers.
  • Clearly delivered simplified explanations of scientific phenomena and current technology to campers.
  • Provided easy to follow instructions for campers to create crafts relating to the lesson of the day.